Why Us

At Energy Works Management we believe it is not about working faster, it is about working smarter, safer and more effectively

Who Are We?

We are a highly experienced team with all senior members having 20+ years of experience in their respective disciplines. Our leaders have all held senior roles in E&P companies and we understand the goals and challenges of delivering drilling and completion projects. We are fully aware that these projects are typically the highest spend for oil and gas companies and we want to help you maximize your company’s capital efficiency.

What Do We Do?

We provide consulting engineering and operational services that cover all stages of the well life cycle. With a commitment to deliver successful, high quality projects, we rely on our experience to help us to create an innovative solution to any challenge.

What Can We Do For You?

EWM believes in creating a culture of “performance improvement” for our clients. It is not our intention to provide average results; rather our goal is to deliver BEST VALUE. We realize that if we can play a part in increasing your well’s Net Present Value, you will have the ability to conduct more operations, which is ideal for both of us.

What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors?

We believe that in order to deliver an exceptional product, time must be spent with all stakeholders including: development engineers, geo-science teams, production and operations personnel. One of our core beliefs is that when you hire a consulting firm, clients should be hiring individuals with experience to ensure they receive a functional well. After all a consultant is:



  1. A person who provides expert advice professionally
  2. One who gives professional advice of services
  3. Someone who advises people on a particular subject